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Home remedies for bruises and circles under the eyes


However, there are home remedies that will help restore a healthy tone and color sensitive skin under a eyes. For example, get rid of the circles under her eyes and bruises will compress with a infusion of sage. Before going to bed make 1 tsp. In 100 ml of stewing aqua and close a vial for Fifteen minutes. One part of a cool down in a fridge, and a other slightly soft. Then soak in a heat infusion of 2 little pieces of cotton wool and put them on closed eyes. Read more -->

Nice and eye well-being. Great eyes - eye care.

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Bruises and circles. However to remove bruises and circles

Bruises and circles under a eyes - unluckily, a common issue women. Causes bruising and circles under the skin eyes of many - this is a matter with a kidneys, lack of sleep, fatigue, improper apply of cosmetics, etc. However to remove approximately of the bruises and the circles under a eyes? In stores today offers much of cosmetics to the skin around the eyes. You can also apply home remedies and against bruises and circles under the eyes...

Care for tired eyes drop tools, exercise and nutrition

We live in the big cities, full of variant kinds of radiation: At work we get a computer at home - and even televisions. With all this, our skin eyes get tired, they become red, irritated. Read more -->

A use of skin covers. Applying masks

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Homemade facial covers get ever been the most common means of facial skin care products that are most effective in improving her condition. Yes and help the organic mask is much consummate. Unless, of course, right to determine face type.

In purchased masks for a face and neck skin frequently present synthetic additives. They may be quite sharp and already with the helf it does great harm, particularly for sensitive skin. So, in about cases, recommend covers from natural items that you can cook at home. Homemade cover, consisting of fresh food and herbs, get both cleansing and nourishing effect.

Nutritional vitamins masks for fase covers may be made with any fruit and fresh vegetables (but this does not mean that you can alone use in the summer raw vegetables and fruit). Read more -->

So to visually hide facials imperfections - or his own do-up artist

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No gerls with perfectly shaped skin, shine skin without the flaws. As, if you know however to do makeup thoroughly, correct and correct irregularities, you can achieve shine apartment contour, polish silky facial skin and alluring look. Not necessarily be a good make-up artist to make your skin more nice by contemporary cosmetics. Some tricks and professional approach - and your skin is same the cover of a fashion magazine. Particular treatment way and performance make-up will help you make a nice makeup and fashion, and his skin gentle, smooth and beautiful...

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Masks for sensitive skin

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Peeling skin will soften the mask of boiled potatoes. It want be boiled in a skins small potatoes, peeled and crushed. When a potatoes will be slightly soft, it want be imposed on a person for 15 minutes then wash off - all much simple. It is possible to add to this the potatoes 1 tbsp natural milk and 1 tsp olive butter - this cover will be more nutritious, and do a skin gentle. Mashed potatoes can be mix with raw fresh egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and egg yolk - this mask right nourishes and moisturizes a skin.

Some women can not sluice with soap and water - the facial skin is how sensitive, and even sparing the foams and gels may cause irritation. In such cases, can help murphy paste, added to h2o for ablution.

Potato starch (1 tsp) need stir in clean out cold-blooded aqua (1 tablespoon) for as long however a homogeneous mix. Read more -->

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