Eye Upkeep. Skin Service Age

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No one will argue that a eyes - a mirror of a soul. In the skin eyes may "drown" in a ocean. All women want to have fine skin eyes, and the most expressive eyes. With proper attention of skin eyes It is possible to not alone improve their externality, and improve eyesight.

A eyelids are specifically noteworthy. For the care, it is desirable to apply only particular funds, which is marked "For face care age." As well keep in mind a direction in which it is indispensable to use leaving items and massotherapy a face around a skin eyes.

Massotherapy a cream lines around a eyes:

The cream and massotherapy the face around a eyes is conducted for the least stretching of the facial skin.

On a upper eyelids - from inner to outer corner of a eye.

At a lower ages - from a outer to a inner.


This proceedings, however hydration, specifically great in the summer and in the coldness season with moisturizers possess to be careful: a moisture in a skin, combined with the cold-blooded turns to ice. Why, at this time of year it is recommended to apply more fat facial skin creams.

In a satisfying (at least half an hour before leaving the house) to clean out the face, then easily apply a thin layer of fat fluid, it is completely engrossed. Read more -->

Tools to improve a complexion Chanel

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Cream Chanel Precision Eclat Originel Maximum Radiance Comfort Serum - comfort, designed specifically for dull, very dry skin. It contains extract of shiitake, penetrating into the skin and works with a inside. The formula works on micro, smoothes and moisturizes a face, allowing it to correct reflect a light. Complexion improves and the facial skin gradually returns shine, but to use this cream to a some weeks to have a stable result.

Exfoliating Gel Chanel Gommage Microperle Eclat as well improves the complexion, removing dead skin cells lining a relief and restoring dull facial skin a smooth, healthy color. The structure consists of creamy gel microparticles jojoba pollen pearls, grown in vitro, however properly however plant extracts, giving a skin a healthy and recent. Use this gel 2-3 minutes a 7 days.

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Massage for facelift

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Self-massotherapy of a facial skin will increase the masks: facial skin will actively have rid of toxins and absorb its required substances, improve muscle tone, and dead skin cells will peel faster, yielding put to new. Swelling disappear, skin wrinkles and laxity, facial skin will look younger and fresher.

Massage, how a mask, you wish to do 2-3 minutes a week - a face and hand and there want be absolutely clean. One may cite here any simple exercises - each carry up to 6-7 times:

2 hands should gently polish a skin cheeks - from the wings of a nose to the temples;

In a like technique to shine the skin on the forehead, but from a bottom up, with a eyebrow to a hair;

With a middle of the chin, with all a fingers, smooth skin of cheeks toward a ear lobe;

Easy to massage the space under a jaw - the back of a fingers.

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