Covers for sensitive skin

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Peeling face will soften the cover of boiled potatoes. It must be boiled in their skins little murphy, peeled and crushed. When a potatoes will be slightly warm, it want be imposed on a person for Fifteen minutes and then ablution off - all extremely simple. It is possible to add to this a potatoes 1 tbsp natural milk and 1 tsp. Olive butter - this mask will be more nutritious, and making a facial skin mild. Mashed potatoes can be mixed with raw chicken egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and boiled egg - this cover correctly nourishes and moisturizes the facial skin.

Some women may not wash with soap and water - their facial skin is how sensitive, and even sparing a foams and gels can cause irritation. Read more -->

Tools deep face tightening

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In contrast to the existing surface, means a capacity of deep suspenders do improve a condition of a facial skin, rejuvenate and refresh it. In this case, a impact is much deeper - elements cosmetics penetrate the facial skin and improve the production of collagen, elastin, and glycosaminoglycans - substances that are involved in the regeneration and a "glue" connective tissue fibers.

Complexion later using these items to really improve, and a skin tightens and becomes more elastic, but it is not how fast how in the case of surface lifting.

The course of such cosmetics can vary from some weeks to a year - depending on the condition of the skin, but so accumulate in a skin of biologically effectual substances, and it "remembers" so beautiful to be attractive and healthy.

Home remedies for facial skin tightening

Besides creams, gels, serums, toners and lotions are much effective at lifting mask for face and neck, including nutritional and cleansing. Good mask with therapeutic mud: cleansing a skin, they improve metabolism and blood circulation, which helps to speed up a regeneration of cells. Covers should be done at least 2-3 minutes a week to have a stable effect.

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Massotherapy for facelift

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Self-massotherapy of a face will increase a masks: facial skin will actively have rid of toxins and absorb its required materials, improve muscle tone, and dead skin cells will peel faster, yielding put to new. Swelling disappear, wrinkles and laxity, skin will be younger and fresher.

Massage, however a cover, you need to do 2-3 times a 7 days - a facial skin and hand and there should be absolutely clean out. One may cite here about simple exercises - every carry up to 6-7 times:

Two fingers want gently polish a skin cheeks - from the wings of a nose to the temples;

In a same method to smooth the skin on a forehead, but from the bottom up, from a eyebrow to a hair;

With the middle of a chin, with all your fingers, polish skin of cheeks toward the eye lobe;

Easy to massage a area under the jaw - the back of a fingers.

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Olive butter for skin

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Olive oil is excellent moisturizing and nourishing the skin, preventing it with fading: vitamins E, which it extremely much, protects the skin with free radicals and delays the exterior of skin wrinkles. Vitamins A and D help a face renewal and carotene protects it with the scorching sun.

To clean a skin with olive butter, it is required to moisten a cotton ball with hot h2o, squeeze it, put a small butter and clean out a face by massaging gently. Similarly, It is possible to remove the makeup.

A butter dissolves grease and dirt, however do not be frightened that it will clog pores or cause a formation of pimples, blackheads and pimples. All of these skin problems are due to a effects of disease-causing bacteria, hormonal disorders, layers of dead cells, and a lot of other negative factors, and virgin olive oil reduces this capacity.

For home face maintenance olive butter is suitable, like no other: it is easy to buy and care it can be used not alone for a face, but the hair and a nails, and use it inside - both in pure shape and in a dishes.

1-st you get to learn to choose the present olive butter - and it is not cheap. If butter is big property, it can be green or pale yellow-green in color, with the smell of artichokes or light fruity (grassy) hue and taste of good olives in it ever felt.

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Aerobics and gymnastics face (face care muscles). Skin wrinkle therapy with exercise - a unique complex

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Structure and function of the skin. Skin wrinkles, loose facial skin, bags and circles under a eyes

Skin - the largest organ of a women's aging body. An space of??1.5-TWO m2. It is about 5% of body mass. Ensuring proper skin attention is the best key to much of the ordinary functioning of the body as a whole. To accurately look after a skin, you demand to know a structure and function of the skin. Read more -->

Current cosmetics to improve a complexion OLAY, Vichy Oligo 25, Clinique and Chanel

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It would be beautiful if a skin was ever shining, and the complexion - perfect. However, with age, healthy glow for some cause goes, a face fades, eye shadows appear, and look at yourself in the mirror no longer demand.

What can be done to skin alive again, and a complexion was shine and beautiful? It is possible to use decorative cosmetics: powders, creams, lipstick, and you will hide flaws, but that the skin itself with this will not be good and flourishing.

Besides hide under makeup unhealthy complexion infinitely not work - a problem will be exacerbated, and disguise them will be harder. However why bring himself to such a life?

There are many ways to restore masks for fase face lovely and radiance - as a long-known and recently developed contemporary cosmetology.

Means to improve a complexion

Contemporary cosmetics help to improve a complexion. It peel, creams with vitamins C, arbutin, kojic acid extract, which may suppress the production of pigment and brighten the facial skin.

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