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Anti skin care specifically designed for oily and question skin. Covers of this group are not only nicely cleanse and tightens pores, but also possess an antibacterial effect, regulate the action of the sebaceous glands.

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Cleansing the face with olive butter

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A 1-st thing to learn - to clean the skin with olive oil. The simplest scrub: buckwheat bran (2 tbsp.) and the same amount of butter to mix, knead your face and neck for 1-2 min, then washing with soft h2o.

Cleansing natural milk for preparation should a glass of natural milk, cucumber, olive butter (1 teaspoon) and any essence oil that suits you (1-TWO drops). Cucumber rub on a little grater, pour lukewarm milk and insist the cover in an hour. Then filter, append butter - olive and essence, mix up and apply - however a lightness night fluid, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Natural milk may be stored in a refrigerator for TWO-3 times.

Mask with olive butter

Skin covers with olive butter It is possible to do with any skin type.

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Lip maintenance: folk remedies for cracked lips

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Some times a day smazhem lips recent cow butter or melted fat bird. Thus, we will provide your facial skin with vitamins B and soften them.

Make casseroles? Pick up a small dumplings, a drop of carrot juice and make a cover for lips. Vitamin A and C, so well however eating lips provided.

If the cracks on a lips of the deep - it would do an effective cream: 5 grams rhizomes of Potentilla wipe a powderise and cook in 200 g of butter. This serum will be therapeutic substances and vitamin B.

If weathered lips - soft up a candle wax with hemp oil, mix up and composition namazh lips at night. In the right anything will be okay.

To prevent possible overnight lubricate lips any veggie extract or natural honey - perfectly nourishes, detoxifies, provides essential trace elements.

Scratches and cracks on a lips are good treated gruel of fresh apples mixed with cow butter. Skin receives therapy and ration.

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Upkeep of the neck skin - Nutritional mask at home. Neck skin massage

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All the time we forget to take care of a neck skin, limiting your service of her only hygiene. How, to keep us youthful neck and resilience, need constant service - masks for the neck. Maintain a good bod neck skin, extend its youth by specific exercises. However to remove a second (double) chin at home?...

Loose facial skin on a neck skin

Skin care, one technique or another, cares a girl, but that a lot of men forget approximately a neck skin: because you can ever hide behind a high collar or turtleneck sweater, wear a fashionable scarf or scarf, but of the a summer so must to wear a dress or open sarafan and flabby Facial skin does not allow - and what to do?...

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Nice lips. Lip attention

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Shine lips. As to do the lips smooth and beautiful at home

Lips - the most seductive and nice part of a woman 18 years old's face. Caring for a face, it should be remembered that the lips do not want less maintenance. With careful maintenance and forever service of the lips will always be polish, gentle and seductive. We offer recipes home folk and cosmetics...

A cracks on the lips. Medication of cracks on a lips: home remedies and vitamins

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Skin Maintenance after summer: over-dry skin, pigmentation, weak vessels

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Facial skin care later the summer... In a start of autumn sun is still bright, so do not forget about the protective cosmetics for skin with SPF filter: 15. Brown spots no color. Most likely, you did not use a perezagorali sufficient protection from UV rays. A issue of weak vessels familiar to a lot of gerls...

Mixed type of skin. Caring for a mix (combined) skin

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