Cleansing a skin with olive butter


A 1-st thing to learn - to clean the facial skin with olive oil. The simplest scrub: millet bran (2 tablespoons) and a like capacity of oil to mix, knead the facial skin and neck for 1-TWO min, so Thoroughly wash with warm water.

Cleansing milk for cooking require a glass of natural milk, cucumber, olive oil (1 tsp.) and the essential oil that suits you (1-2 drops). Cucumber rub on a little grater, pour lukewarm natural milk and insist a cover in an hour. So filter, throw in oil - olive and essence, combine and apply - as a light night cream, nourishing cleanser and makeup remover. Milk may be stored in the refrigerator for TWO-3 days.

Mask with olive oil

Face covers with olive butter It is possible to do with a face type.

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Masks for sensitive facial skin


Peeling face will soften a mask of boiled potatoes. It need be boiled in their skins little murphy, peeled and crushed. When the potatoes will be slightly hot, it must be imposed on a person for Fifteen minutes then sluice off - all much simple. You can throw in to this a potatoes 1 tbsp natural milk and 1 tsp olive oil - this cover will be more nutritious, and makes the skin soft. Mashed potatoes may be mix with raw egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and boiled egg - this cover well nourishes and moisturizes the face.

Any gerls can not wash with soap and h2o - their skin is as sensitive, and even sparing a foams and gels can cause irritation. In such cases, may help potatoes paste, added to water for ablution.

Murphy starch (1 teaspoon) want stir in polish cold aqua (1 tablespoon) for how long as a homogeneous mix.

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Cleansing Masks for fase. Face cleaning house


Cleansing masks for fase cover is prepared on a basis of soap suds, wax, clay and other synthetic products, which attract dirt, oil and dead skin horny scales with the face. All that sticks to the inside of the cover, as it dries, and then removed with the skin with a cover. How a effect, clean out a pores, improves circulation, which gives a skin a healthy color and freshness.

In addition cleansing cover for a facial skin and neck skin exercise mild peeling. Cleansing face care, experts recommend to do once a week. This type of mask is suitable for all skin types.

Immediately after cleansing cover which is removed with heartwarming aqua, it is useful to make a nutritious. But if you have not time, or at least put on facial skin ample layer of nourishing cream.

If you use the masks with a generator, then those with oily skin face care covers may do TWO minutes a 7 days.

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Facial skin Care around a skin eyes. Compresses for tired skin eyes


ADVANCED Skin - technology for facial skin care. Improved formula of this product combines 2 neuropeptide that relax a masks for fase muscles, which results in a reduction of wrinkles.

Included as part of a tool Biopeptides, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, and microencapsulation technology these ingredients make this an active tool in a fight against a lot of of the hallmarks of aging.

86% of gerls reported a important improvement in skin.

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Make facial skin masks Recipes


The easiest method to prepare a facial skin mask - crushed recent berries or fruit, and immediately put on the facial skin. If crushed vegetables or apples juicy enough, a pulp may add milk. If a pulp, by contrast, is too thin, add the flour to it. It is also convenient to put a whole items of orange, ripe tomato, cucumber and lemon. If the consistency of a mask is a fresh juice, it is applied how follows: a bit of gauze with cutouts for skin eyes, nose and mouth soaked in fresh juice, a some squeeze and put on a face and neck. Instead of gauze may be used a thin layer of cotton wool.

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Current cosmetics to improve a complexion OLAY, Vichy Oligo 25, Clinique and Chanel


It would be beautiful if a skin was ever shining, and the complexion - perfect. However, with age, healthy glow for some cause goes, a face fades, eye shadows appear, and look at yourself in the mirror no longer demand.

What can be done to skin alive again, and a complexion was shine and beautiful? It is possible to use decorative cosmetics: powders, creams, lipstick, and you will hide flaws, but that the skin itself with this will not be good and flourishing.

Besides hide under makeup unhealthy complexion infinitely not work - a problem will be exacerbated, and disguise them will be harder. However why bring himself to such a life?

There are many ways to restore masks for fase face lovely and radiance - as a long-known and recently developed contemporary cosmetology.

Means to improve a complexion

Contemporary cosmetics help to improve a complexion. It peel, creams with vitamins C, arbutin, kojic acid extract, which may suppress the production of pigment and brighten the facial skin.

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