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Bruises and circles. However to remove bruises and circles

Bruises and circles under a eyes - unluckily, a common issue women. Causes bruising and circles under the skin eyes of many - this is a matter with a kidneys, lack of sleep, fatigue, improper apply of cosmetics, etc. However to remove approximately of the bruises and the circles under a eyes? In stores today offers much of cosmetics to the skin around the eyes. You can also apply home remedies and against bruises and circles under the eyes...

Care for tired eyes drop tools, exercise and nutrition

We live in the big cities, full of variant kinds of radiation: At work we get a computer at home - and even televisions. With all this, our skin eyes get tired, they become red, irritated.

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Service neck skin. Nice neck


Frequently, a woman 18 years old's age gives neck. It is on it, how on wood, there are "annual rings." Therefore, put maintenance of a neck skin should get early, with 25 years. You provided half a battle, if you learn that the neck skin is however great a part of your body, similar a facial skin that it requires the like careful therapy, leaving and attention.

If you want to prevent wrinkles, put care of neck skin skin permanent. Early however it want rinse with more cold water neck skin. It is good to send her out of a shower stream. After water treatment, wipe neck tonic suitable type of a face, or cucumber extract.

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Care of a neck skin - Nutritional mask at home. Neck massotherapy


All a time we forget to take leaving of the neck skin, limiting a leaving of her alone hygiene. However, to keep us youthful neck skin and resilience, claim constant leaving - masks for the neck skin. Maintain a helf shape neck, extend its youth by specific exercises. How to remove a second (double) chin at home?...

Loose facial skin on a neck skin

Skin care, one way or another, worries the young woman, but that many people forget about a neck: because you can ever hide behind a big collar or turtleneck sweater, wear a fashionable scarf or scarf, but of the a summer as must to wear a dress or open sarafan and flabby Skin does not allow - and what to do?...

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Covers for sensitive face


Peeling skin will soften the cover of boiled potatoes. It need be boiled in their skins small potato, peeled and crushed. When the potatoes will be slightly hot, it must be imposed on a person for 15 minutes and then ablution off - all extremely simple. You can add to to this the potatoes 1 tbsp milk and 1 tsp olive butter - this mask will be more nutritious, and does a face soft. Mashed potatoes may be mixed with raw egg yolk 2 tbsp mashed potatoes and fresh egg - this cover well nourishes and moisturizes the facial skin.

Some gerls may not Carefully wash with soap and h2o - the skin is so sensitive, and even sparing the foams and gels may cause irritation. In such cases, may help potatoes paste, added to water for wash.

Murphy starch (1 tsp.) must stir in polish coldness aqua (1 tablespoon) for however long so a homogeneous mixing.

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Elasticity of a facial skin


Our skin may lose elasticity and not only with age, but for variant reasons. This may be a small schedule for and upkeep, and overdrying skin dehydration, childbearing, rapid weight loss, the effect of harmful environment, etc.

Today, enough makeup to remedy the situation, but we'll keep you here about a use of fatty oils, as well as approximately of a items that restore skin lose elasticity, production it polish and supple.

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Elasticity of the skin


Our face may lose elasticity and not alone with age, but for varied reasons. This may be a poor diet and care, and overdrying skin dehydration, childbearing, rapid weightiness loss, the effect of harmful environment, etc.

Currently, enough makeup to remedy a situation, but we'll keep you here some the apply of fatty oils, as correctly however some of a products that restore skin lose elasticity, making it smooth and supple.

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