Masks Lip


To shine skin of a lips, to give freshness and organic glow, strive to do a cover for lips:

Nourishing mask for lips: Mix a little kolichesvto cream and carrot extract to carry on the lips, in 5-7 min, rinse with cool h2o. Th "mask" of fluid or carrot juice.

In ordering to not very dry out the lips, apply a lip following cover: Use a mixture of cucumber or carrot juice, natural honey, sour fluid and curds. Later Fifteen minutes of preparation butter grease lip

To soften leather lips and medication of small cracks mask is used for lips: mixed grated on a beautiful grater apple with 1 tsp. The butter, so put weightiness on his lips for 15-Thirty minutes. So rinse with cool water.

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  • Upkeep of the neck skin - Nutritional mask at home. Neck skin massage
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  • Cleansing the face with olive oil
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  • Nice lips. Lip attention
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  • Elasticity of a facial skin
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  • Care of a neck skin - Nutritional mask at home. Neck massotherapy
  • Cleansing the face with olive butter
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