Oils for skin elasticity


Fatty oils in the nature of a lot - sometimes we do not even suspect that can be extracted with plant oil, promotes skin elasticity.

Oil used alone however a basis for butter mixtures are added to the home creams, masks and skin care and aging body treatments, shampoos and soaps. The value is explained by a composition of a rich: you are full of vitamins, unsaturated fatty acids and other biologically active substances. So, veggie oils improve a overall metabolism and stimulate a regeneration of a skin cells, strengthen cell membranes and prevent oxidation, help purify a facial skin and retain moisture.

Some oils are widely known, but there are others on a effects of which we know some.

A 1st group includes, for example, almond butter is more rich in vitamin - especially vitamin E, which slows down a aging process. If we apply almond oil for a long time, the skin is protected with UV radiation, will be hydrated, prettily and sweet, improve complexion and skin wrinkles smoothed.

Peach butter is also ofttimes used to improve the elasticity of a skin and gives it a healthy glow, it also reduces inflammation, softens, tones and moisturizes, brightens and rejuvenates it. This butter is extremely effective for damaged or sensitive face, how it heals wounds, scratches, improves the mucous membranes. Peach natural butter is frequently introduced in the cosmetics, including children, shampoos, conditioners, covers for skin and hair masks.

About as valid and apricot butter - it is suitable for all face types.

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