Massotherapy for facelift


Self-massage of a skin will increase a masks: skin will actively have rid of toxins and absorb its required materials, improve muscle tone, and dead face cells will peel faster, yielding put to new. Swelling disappear, wrinkles and laxity, face will be younger and fresher.

Massage, so a cover, you need to do 2-3 times a 7 days - the skin and hand and there should be absolutely clean out. One can cite here some simple exercises - any carry up to 6-7 times:

Two fingers want gently smooth a skin cheeks - with the wings of a nose to a temples;

In the like technique to shine the skin on a forehead, but with a bottom up, from a eyebrow to a hair;

From the middle of the chin, with all your fingers, smooth facial skin of cheeks toward the eye lobe;

Easy to massage a space under a jaw - a back of the fingers.

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