Olive butter for skin


Olive oil is excellent moisturizing and nourishing the skin, preventing it with fading: vitamins E, which it extremely much, protects the skin with free radicals and delays the exterior of skin wrinkles. Vitamins A and D help a face renewal and carotene protects it with the scorching sun.

To clean a skin with olive butter, it is required to moisten a cotton ball with hot h2o, squeeze it, put a small butter and clean out a face by massaging gently. Similarly, It is possible to remove the makeup.

A butter dissolves grease and dirt, however do not be frightened that it will clog pores or cause a formation of pimples, blackheads and pimples. All of these skin problems are due to a effects of disease-causing bacteria, hormonal disorders, layers of dead cells, and a lot of other negative factors, and virgin olive oil reduces this capacity.

For home face maintenance olive butter is suitable, like no other: it is easy to buy and care it can be used not alone for a face, but the hair and a nails, and use it inside - both in pure shape and in a dishes.

1-st you get to learn to choose the present olive butter - and it is not cheap. If butter is big property, it can be green or pale yellow-green in color, with the smell of artichokes or light fruity (grassy) hue and taste of good olives in it ever felt.

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