Lip maintenance: folk remedies for cracked lips


Some times a day smazhem lips recent cow butter or melted fat bird. Thus, we will provide your facial skin with vitamins B and soften them.

Make casseroles? Pick up a small dumplings, a drop of carrot juice and make a cover for lips. Vitamin A and C, so well however eating lips provided.

If the cracks on a lips of the deep - it would do an effective cream: 5 grams rhizomes of Potentilla wipe a powderise and cook in 200 g of butter. This serum will be therapeutic substances and vitamin B.

If weathered lips - soft up a candle wax with hemp oil, mix up and composition namazh lips at night. In the right anything will be okay.

To prevent possible overnight lubricate lips any veggie extract or natural honey - perfectly nourishes, detoxifies, provides essential trace elements.

Scratches and cracks on a lips are good treated gruel of fresh apples mixed with cow butter. Skin receives therapy and ration.

If a lips appear red spots - so soon skin will begin to peel. It will brew flaxseed: two cups of h2o to make TWO spoon of flax seed, bring lots to a state of pulp. This composition spread lips.

Slightly chapped lips and very dry skin may be saved by the composition of the petals of a rose and a spoon of lard. All this should be good to cut and pump the lips.

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