Massage however preventing eye fatigue. Acupressure for a skin eyes


Eye massage you may right be able to learn on their own and use it at home for a prevention and medication of diseases of the eye. The main techniques of massage and self-massotherapy skin eyes are stroking yet the circular muscle, lung contusion and a mild pressure on the eyeballs in a form of vibration. Stroking a eyelid skin tones, rubbing relieves muscle spasm, improves circulation and helps with kneading twitching eyelids...

Exercises for the eyes. Training for skin eyes (training view)

In addition to massotherapy for the skin eyes is today widely used by a variety of exercises for prevention of visual disorders, and to restore lost vision. A most widely used practice of view, developed under the guidance of ES Avetisova. A approach involves three groups of exercises for the skin eyes. Most famous was a same establish of exercises AN Isaev, which is useful for those who work all day on the feet is on a...

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